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UEC has executed a number of warehouses in Kazna and Mosul road. The warehouses executed are made of fabricated dismountable steel structures with different sizes, heights and specifications. Some warehouses include overhead cranes and others include open spaces and offices. These warehouses can be either single units or in series of chain warehouses opened to each other and dividable. Warehouses are made of the best steel sections at the local market, covering can be either with sandwich panel, corrugated metal sheets or other upon the demand of the client. Walls can be constructed of masonry brick walls and plastered if required. Warehouses can be done with re enforced casted slab on grade with expansion joints. Finish floors can be either smooth finish, broom finish, epoxy finish, ceramic or other upon request. All warehouses can be provided with the required electrical and plumping installation upon the demand of the client. UEC can fabricate and install hangars with high specifications and requirements like aircraft hangars, climate controlled warehouses, warehouses with special insulation specification, warehouses with customized wide spans and different height variations and many other.


Field of Speciality

UEC specialty is guiding oil and gas companies throughout the steps of erecting professional compounds and convenient working environments. Starting from land preparations, yards, warehouses, roads, sidewalks, accommodation buildings, offices, concrete structures, tank foundations and reservoirs, drainage systems, water supply and treatment plants, fences, gates, laboratories and any other item related to our specialty and experience.
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