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   Concrete Structures And Bases

UEC has a vast experience in executing concrete structures varying from small structures to multiple floors with different floor areas, complications and functions. Also executing tanks foundation and other concrete works. UEC has expert staffs in terms of shuttering, steel workers and concrete casting. Various shuttering systems are used for example basic plywood and jacks system, Doka system, steel shuttering, tunnel shuttering and others. UEC staff can undertake concrete structures starting from studying the project, analyzing, structural plans, BOQ and shop drawings. Architects and structural engineers do the structural layouts and studies in case plans were not provided. All concrete tests in terms of compressibility and slump tests are conducted for every casting. Yield steel tests are also conducted to insure professionalism, best productivity and high quality. All machineries in terms of cranes, electric steel cutters and benders, vibrators and other equipment are available.


Field of Speciality

UEC specialty is guiding oil and gas companies throughout the steps of erecting professional compounds and convenient working environments. Starting from land preparations, yards, warehouses, roads, sidewalks, accommodation buildings, offices, concrete structures, tank foundations and reservoirs, drainage systems, water supply and treatment plants, fences, gates, laboratories and any other item related to our specialty and experience.
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