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UEC is now executing the first calibration lab in Iraq in reference to the National Calibration Lab in Dubai. The project is in Kazna and it is under constructing and planning to be functional on May 2015. It consists of 12 different calibration labs including dimensional instruments, gauge block, precession masses, commercial masses, volume, temperature, metering work, legal metrology, time and frequency, electrical, force and torque and pressure lab. All these labs are inside a building consist of 2 floors with offices on the upper floor and other facilities. This project is meant to serve mainly the oil industry and the local market in general. UEC also have executed a laboratory for MI SWACO at Mosul road and ready to corporate with other companies to implement industrial laboratories upon request.


Field of Speciality

UEC specialty is guiding oil and gas companies throughout the steps of erecting professional compounds and convenient working environments. Starting from land preparations, yards, warehouses, roads, sidewalks, accommodation buildings, offices, concrete structures, tank foundations and reservoirs, drainage systems, water supply and treatment plants, fences, gates, laboratories and any other item related to our specialty and experience.
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