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   Drainage Systems

UEC can assist in studying and implementing different methods of rain water drainage systems. Drainage systems can vary from re-shaping lands for gravity drains, open drains, pipe lines and manholes, diches, culverts, V channels and many other solutions depending on the case and client requirements. UEC can study each solution for the suitability of the case in terms of technique, expected loading and implementation method. Also black and gray water drainage system are of UEC specialty depending on sizes of facilities. All drainage systems are connected to facilities like septic tanks or treatment stations upon the demand of the client. UEC deals with best plumping staff and uses the best brands and accessories available at the local market to ensure a high quality and efficient end product.


Field of Speciality

UEC specialty is guiding oil and gas companies throughout the steps of erecting professional compounds and convenient working environments. Starting from land preparations, yards, warehouses, roads, sidewalks, accommodation buildings, offices, concrete structures, tank foundations and reservoirs, drainage systems, water supply and treatment plants, fences, gates, laboratories and any other item related to our specialty and experience.
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